Cold Tapas

  1. Marinated Sicilian Olives (V) €5.50
  2. Roasted Smoked Paprika Mixed Nuts (V) (nu) €5.50
  3. Smoked Salmon/warm blinis/ horseradish & capers dressing (fi, wh, mk, eg) €8.50
  4. Cured Continental Meats/ Roasted Peppers (mu, sd) €8.50
  5. Bruschetta Classica/ vine tomatoes/sundried tomatoes/garlic/basil/parmesan cheese(V) (wh, mk, mu) €7.00
  6. Marinated Spanish manchego cheese with crispy crostini/lime/chilli/garlic/olive oil (V) (mk, wh) €7.00

Hot Tapas

  1. Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings/Blue Cheese Dip (mk, ss, eg, mu) €8.00
  2. Calamari & King Prawns/ pickled Asian slaw/ wasabi & lemon dip (cc, eg, mu, ml) €8.50
  3. Italian Meatballs/Tomato & Basil Sauce/Parmesan Cheese (mk, wh, eg) €8.50
  4. Patatas Bravas/Spicy Chorizo/Tomato Sauce (mk) €7.00
  5. Marinated chicken waffle/ sriracha & honey dressing (mk, wh, eg, ss) €8.50
  6. Crispy tempura mushrooms/garlic mayonnaise (V) (wh, mk, eg, sd, mu) €7.00
  7. Croquettes of Chicken/Ham/Cheese/ Garlic Aioli (wh, mk, eg, mu) €8.00
  8. Lebanese sweet potato Falafel/baba ganoush Hummus (V) (VG) (wh, nu, ss, mu) €7.50
  9. Befani's Loaded Chips/Black Olive Tapenade/Sundried Tomatoes/Truffle Oil/Parmesan Cheese (V) (mk) €7.00
  10. Braised Beef Strips/Mushrooms/Baby Onions/Horseradish Baby Potatoes (mk, mu, eg, sd) €8.50
  11. Wasabi & sesame seed coated hake goujons/mango & corriander salsa/ hoi-sin dip/ Crispy floured tortilla (wh, eg, fi, ss, mk, mu) €8.50
  12. Mini spiced beef empanada/Mexican bean salad/ rustic tomato & herb dip (wh, mk, eg, mu) €8.00
  13. Crispy courgette flowers/ tomato salsa/ ginger, turmeric & lemon dip (V) (wh, eg, mk) €7.50

Antipasti Platter

Selection of continental meats and cheeses/sweet potato falafel /vegetable caponata/roasted peppers and ciabatta bread (wh, mk, nu, eg, sd) €17.00

Vegetarian Antipasti Platter

Selection of continental sliced cheese/sweet potato falafel/crispy courgette flowers/tempura mushrooms/roasted peppers/vegetable caponata/ciabatta bread (V) (mk, wh, nu, eg, sd) €15.00

Main Courses

  • Grilled 10oz Irish Hereford Sirloin Steak Grilled mushrooms/Onion Rings/Homemade Fries/Choice of creamy pepper sauce/ garlic & smoked paprika butter (mk, wh, eg, sd) €29.50
  • Oven Roasted Irish Salmon/ King prawns & Calamari ragout/ braised fennel/ white wine fish cream sauce (fi, mk, cc, sd) €25.00
  • Spanish Roasted Chicken Breast/ tomato, peppers, olives, capers, chorizo & tarragon stewing sauce/ crispy courgette flowers (mk, eg, wh, sd) €23.00
  • Fresh Gnocchi Pasta (V) vegetable caponata/ fresh spinach/ tomato & basils sauce/ Parmesan Cheese/ rocket salad (wh, mk, nu, eg, sd) €18.00

Side Orders

  • Onion Rings (wh, eg, mk) €4.00
  • Homemade Fries €4.00
  • Rocket Lettuce/Parmesan Cheese Salad (mk, mu) €4.00
  • Sautéed Baby Potatoes €4.00
  • Ciabatta garlic bread (wh, mk) €5.00
  • House side salad (mu, sd) €4.00


  • Belgian white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake/fruit of the forest compote (wh, mk) €7.50
  • Traditional Italian Tiramisu/Mascarpone Cream/ Cantucci Biscuits (mk, wh, nu, eg, sd) €7.50
  • Spanish Churros/ chocolate sauce/ caramel sauce/ fresh strawberries (mk, eg) €7.50
  • Warm chocolate brownie/ chocolate sauce/ vanilla ice cream (eg, mk, wh) €7.50
  • "Affogato", vanilla ice cream/ hot espresso coffee/ cantucci biscuits/ half shot of Baileys (mk, wh, eg) €7.50
  • Irish & Continental cheeseboard/ Befani's spicy pear & date chutney/ garlic crostini/ olives & nuts (mk, wh, nu) €11.50

Deal 1

  • Five Tapas of your choice with a selection of Mediterranean salads, ciabatta bread and two desserts

€50.00 for two people

Deal 2

  • Five Tapas of your choice with a selection of Mediterranean salads, ciabatta bread with a choice of 2 cocktails or 4 beers or a bottle of house wine

€60.00 for two people

Deal 3

  • Choice of one Tapas, one main course and one dessert (€8.00 steak supplement)

2 Courses - €29.00 / 3 Courses - €34.00

10% Service charge for 8 or more people / No Split Bills